Afghanistan vs Australia

Australia the cricketing giant, a record 5 times world champion in the ICC world events. On the other it’s Afghanistan who just recently were recognized as a full time cricketing team and came out of the associate team’s label. Afghanistan has some explosive players that can change the course of the match on their given day. Australia has the big match temperament and is a very formidable side in the cricketing world. This 2019 world cup is being played on English soil where the Australian side have had many tours in the recent years and while Afghanistan have not played much matches in the England apart from some of their players which okay county over there for their respective sides.

Head to head in ODI internationals

Australia have only played a handful of matches against each other. Australia and Afghanistan have each other only 2 times in the international circuit and the stats suggest no surprise and Australia won both the matches. Afghanistan cricket team is inexperienced and they lack the star studded dressing room, it’s going to take a while before they can start beating top cricket teams. But they are moving in the right direction just recently in Asia cup 2018 they tied against India and Bangladesh and played a very close thrilling encounter against Pakistan which went up till the last over of the match. So they do have the capacity to beat good teams as well they just need to find the consistency and the big match temperament. This time around in ICC world cup 2019 they face other off in England.

  • Venue: Bristol county ground, Bristol
  • Date: June 1, 2019
  • Day: Saturday (D/N match)
  • Australia ODI ranking: 6
  • Afghanistan ODI ranking: 10

The outcome of the match is pretty much inevitable and the Australian cricket team will thrash Afghanistan team and will gain the 2 important points that will help them in retaining the world cup.

Australian world cup campaign has suffered a huge blow in the form of David Warner and Steve smith. According to Australian cricket board both will be available for the world cup but whether they are picked up in the final squad or not is entirely on selection board. Australia just recently defeated India in ODI series in India. So that’s going to boast their confidence. And against Pakistan their players have also shown that what they are made off and they are not to be taken lightly in the world cup campaign by any opposition.

Probable outcome in world cup encounter

It’s a no brainer really, any cricket watching person would understand that Afghanistan has no chance of beating Australia in their upcoming encounter in the ICC world cup later this summer in England. It would be a huge upset if Australia loses and the probability of it is very low but cricket is a funny game and in the past such events have taken place that took the cricketing world by shock. But in the normal course of business Australia will win this match heads up.

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