County Ground, Bristol Cricket Ground

Bristol County Ground, also known as The Brightside Ground, is a senior cricket venue in Bristol, England. Available for hosting only ODI and T20 cricket, the ground has been hosting bilateral series for England since 1983. The ground serves as the headquarters for Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Before the world cup begins, England are set to take on Pakistan in an ODI series and Pakistan is scheduled to play against England in this ground as well. This will beneficial in favor of the Asian side because they’ll get an opportunity to get accustomed to the English conditions, a factor that will help them greatly in world cup matches.


Although a senior cricketing venue, the ground has never hosted an international test match. It is relatively smaller as compared to other English grounds. The stadium hosted its first ODI match back in 1983. T20 cricket started in 2006. Since then, the ground has hosted international matches at regular intervals. A brief history of ODI matches played here is given below:

  • ODI Matches: 17
  • Seating Capacity: 15000 Approx.
  • Matches won by team batting first: 7
  • Matches won by team batting second: 8
  • Tie / No Results: 0 / 2

Pitch Analysis:

Bristol County Ground contains an even pitch which is good for both batting and bowling. Stats provide evidence that teams batting first and second have won almost the same number of matches so toss is not a huge factor when it comes to these contests. Overall, the pitch is decent enough for batting so we can expect some high scoring matches.

Predicting weather would be silly at this point but Bristol Ground has slightly chilly weather, although that won’t be an issue for the players. Light breeze can be expected which might introduce some swing to the ball. All in all, all teams stand an equal chance of winning and pitch conditions won’t benefit a specific team.

World Cup Clashes for the Venue:

Bristol County Ground will host a total of 3 WC matches throughout the tournament which is the least number of matches to be hosted by a venue in this event. The details of these fixtures is given below:

  1. Australia vs. Afghanistan (1st June)
  2. Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka (7th June)
  3. Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka (11th June)

The contests don’t feature much huge names. The line-up looks bleak and contests seem uninteresting. Australia is the only big name among the teams playing at this venue. Australia and Afghanistan will be the first match featured here which is tantamount to no contest. It’s an easy win for Australia and easy wins is not what the fans want. They want exhilarating matches which keep fans on the edge of their seats. The second match will feature Pakistan and Sri Lanka and if we look at SL’s performances in recent months, they look like the weaker side. Pakistan decimated SL 5-0 in the last ODI series they played against one another. Pakistan may not have played well against South Africa and New Zealand but they have some amazing wins to their names after Champion Trophy 2017. SL is in rebuilding phase of their career so Pakistan is more likely to come out on top. As for Bangladesh vs. SL, Bangladesh might not have done well against NZ but they performed exquisitely in CT 2017 and played the semi-final against India. They put on a great show in Asia Cup 2018 and managed to play the final against India. Any wise person would put his money on Bangladesh, Bangladesh have a tendency to get carried away. They need to overcome this single flaw.

Predictions for this Venue:

Bristol Ground is expected to provide low intensity one-sided matches which won’t grab too much of cricket fans’ attention. Australia is in firm position to beat Afghanistan. Pakistan will defeat SL in what is most likely to be a one-sided contest. Bangladesh might’ve hit rock bottom in terms of their form but they have the tenacity to bounce back and they have every chance of doing so. Besides Australia, no team in this line-up is expected to make it to the semi-finals unless these teams provide miracle performances. However, each match will determine how the tournament progresses and who advances to the semi-finals for a shot at glory.

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