England vs Bangladesh

In all the teams in WC, England have played their 2nd least ODI matches against Bangladesh. Throughout their history, England have been so busy battling it out with the top ranked teams that it’s been a while since they’ve played against Bangladesh. England currently stand at the top of ODI ranking while Bangladesh are at the No. 7 spot. Bangladesh are currently no match to the strong English side and if they want to win they’ll need to come up with something that England have never expected them to do. Element of surprise is the only option for Bangladesh.

ODI Battles over the years:

England and Bangladesh aren’t exactly enthusiastic about playing with one another. In the 19 years since Bangladesh first played against England, they’ve both competed in only 20 ODI matches. This includes bilateral series as well as matches in ICC events. England thrashed Bangladesh in 16 matches and 4 went in favor of Bangladesh. Stats claim England to be the better side and so does the recent ODI ranking. Bangladesh, in essence, can’t compete with England in any department whether it be batting, bowling or fielding. The only thing similar between both teams is that they’ve both never won a world title. England have been performing consistently but Bangladesh’s performance hasn’t been up to mark right now. They suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of New Zealand in their recent ODI series.

For England, this match is just easy 2 points. They’ll be more concerned with defeating Bangladesh by a huge margin to increase their net run rate. Meanwhile, Bangladesh will be hoping that England make some sorts of mistake in their match and Bangladesh can capitalize on that to claw their way to victory.

WC Match:

England – Bangladesh clash is scheduled to take place on 8th June 2019 at the Cardiff Stadium in Wales. The ground has provided stage for 24 ODI matches and has been frequently used by England for bilateral series. The pitch provides a little more pace for seam bowlers. England just need to play their natural game and they’ll be comfortably home. But winning might not be the only thing England is focusing on. Net run rate will become a huge factor when it is time for teams to advance to the semi-finals. England might be strategizing to defeat Bangladesh with as much runs as possible.

All pressure will be on Bangladesh and they’ll have to bat really well and post a decent total. Bangladesh will have to come up with out-of-the-box strategies and unorthodox tactics to put the home side in trouble. Opportunities are not given, they are made. Bangladesh will have to rely on good fielding to squeeze England’s run rate which will compel them to take risks and give away wickets.

End Result:

Statistically speaking, England have this contest won comfortably. Bangladesh don’t have that spark that you look in a winning side right now. They’re performance is mediocre and they need a lot of work in all departments. It is unwise to underestimate any side in this WC but if England put a decent enough effort against Bangladesh, they’ll win the face off.

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