England vs India, Match 38

England and India are currently the top 2 teams in ODI rankings. India is scheduled to face the inventors of the game in World Cup 2019. Both countries had an entwined history for 100 years. There’s a sensational rivalry among the two nations and to continue it at the grandest stage will be quite interesting. England have yet to win a WC title and India stand in their way. Both teams have the strongest sides in this WC and their clash with one another will certainly be a David and Goliath battle.

England vs. India record in ODIs:

England and India have battled in ODIs many times in bilateral series and major international events. In the 99 times that they’ve crossed paths with each other, India have won 53 ODIs meanwhile England managed to secure 41 victories. 2 matches ended up in ties and 3 matches had no result. Figures claim India to be a better ODI side. England might have their best side ever playing in this WC. It’s now or never for the English side. They’re in spectacular ODI form and they’re playing in their backyard. They’ve got an advantage over all the teams as they’re accustomed to these conditions. At the same time, Indian batsmen couldn’t be in a better form than they are currently. Their top order has been scoring runs consistently and they’ll be looking to carry on the momentum throughout the tournament. Although India have struggled in England in recent times, English pitches are generally batting friendly and if India find their rhythm, England’s dreams of a World Cup will most likely be crushed.

India – England WC Face off:

India will take on England on 30th June 2019 at the Edgbaston Ground, Birmingham. The ground has been host to 59 ODI matches. The pitch is batting friendly as most of the England cricket grounds. Records indicate that India is a better side in ODIs than England but the recent ODI rankings place England at the No. 1 spot while India is at No.2 spot by a small margin. India’s strength lies in their batting. So they’ll be hoping to win the toss and put England to bat first. With a set total on the scoreboard, India will know how much they’ll need to win and how they’ll go about their innings to achieve the target.

Fortunately for England, they have much more experienced and skilled bowlers compared to India. Chasing the target won’t be an easy task for the South Asian side. If the Indian top order fail to score in the beginning, it’ll be game over for India. But to ensure victory, English batsmen will have to show responsibility. They’ll have to post a solid 280 or 290 runs to make sure their bowlers are at ease while defending the total. Lower total will just release the pressure off India and they’ll just cruise their way to victory.


It’s impossible to tell who will win this match. They’re both the top ranked ODI teams. Each of them have their strengths and they’ll utilize them to their fullest. It’s an even match and whoever performs on the day will emerge victorious.

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