Headingley, Leeds Cricket Ground

Headingley Cricket Ground, also known as Yorkshire County Cricket Ground and usually shortened to Headingley, is a cricket ground located in Headingley Sports Complex in Leeds, England. It hosts international Test and ODI matches. The ground is owned by Yorkshire County Cricket Club who use it as their headquarters. The stadium serves as home ground for England Cricket team and has hosted a variety of bilateral ODI series as well as test matches such as the great “Ashes” rivalry. The ground will host a number of WC matches in the later stages of the tournament which will shape the course of this event.


Established back in 1890, test cricket made a rather quick entry to this ground in 1899 with the first match played between Australia and England. ODI cricket was introduced to the ground in 1973, just two years after the first international ODI fixture. Since then, the ground has regularly witnessed international cricket. Although this ground hosts Test and ODI matches at regular intervals, it has never hosted a T20 match. A small detail about the ODI matches played here is given below:

  • ODI Matches: 43
  • Seating Capacity: 17000 Approx.
  • Matches won by teams batting first: 14
  • Matches won by teams batting second: 23
  • No Results: 6

Pitch and Weather Information:

No definitive readings about this pitch can be provided beforehand. Pitch conditions vary from day to day depending upon the weather conditions. It can quickly turn from a batting paradise to a seaming, swinging nightmare. Analysts suggest batting first on this track because it provides more swing in the later parts of the innings. It’s better to be done with the batting when the ball isn’t swinging much rather than taking a risk and choosing to face a bowling assisted with swing provided by the pitch.

As for weather conditions, the weather at this venue is quite uncertain. How the weather turns out on the day is yet to be seen and weather will have a huge impact on how the pitch behaves in both innings.

Fixtures for Mega Event:

Headingley ground is no stranger when it comes to hosting high stakes events. It was one of the first venues to hosting the first WC back in 1975. Headingley is again in line for hosting 4 tournament matches in this year’s WC. A short detail of these fixtures is given below:

  1. England vs. Sri Lanka (21st June)
  2. Pakistan vs. Afghanistan (29th June)
  3. Afghanistan vs. West Indies (4th July)
  4. India vs. Sri Lanka (6th July)

Analyzing this line-up, all matches have straightforward winners. All contests seem one-sided when you think about it. England will face SL in the first match at this venue. The No. 1 ranked team will take on a weak SL side that is still trying to find the right combination. England are favorites to win this bout. The second match will feature an amateur Afghanistan team battling against a much stronger and much more experienced Pakistan side who are no strangers to the main events. This is an easy win for Pakistan. The third match will feature a clash between the two lowest ranked ODI teams in this year’s WC, WI and Afghanistan. Afghanistan might provide some resistance to WI but overall, the match seems pretty much in the hands of WI. WI are right back on track with their ODI squad and will be bringing their A-game to the tournament. The last match to be hosted here will see two Asian sides, India and SL continuing their rivalry. If the recent performances have taught us anything, it’s that SL won’t be able to withstand the onslaught of Indian batsmen. India is all set to taste victory in this bout. With such straightforward results, these fixtures don’t appeal to the cricket fans.


This venue might possibly be hosting the most predictable matches in this event as compared to any other venue. Cricket is all about surprising the opposition by unorthodox strategies and out-of-the-box tactics but recent forms of SL and Afghanistan make it highly doubtful that they have a trump card up their sleeves. England, Pakistan, WI and India seem like the stronger teams to win. If SL and Afghanistan find some way to put top teams under pressure, it will certainly make the matches more interesting.

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