New Zealand vs Australia

Australia vs. New Zealand rivalry dates back to the early 1970s. Both countries have faced each other in all international events as well as bilateral series. The purpose of this friendly rivalry is to establish one’s supremacy in the Oceania. Both teams faced each other in the final of 2015 World Cup. Australia won the title due to a mediocre NZ performance. Will history repeat itself? Will Australia and New Zealand earn a spot in the final of this year’s WC? Guess we’ll have to wait and watch.

ODI Record:

The importance of Australia – New Zealand ODI cricket can be ascertained by the fact that NZ have played most of their ODI matches against Australia. The details of their ODI clashes are given below:

  • Australia ODI Ranking: 5th
  • NZ ODI Ranking: 3rd
  • Head-to-Head in ODIs: 136 Matches
  • Australia won: 90
  • NZ won: 39
  • No Results: 7

Stats indicate that Australia have been the better side for quite some time. This is due to the fact that for a long time, NZ were a minnow team and didn’t possess the talent that they now own. Meanwhile, Australia established squads that enabled them to win multiple international titles. Australia have won the WC a record five times while NZ just recently made it to their first WC final. Rest assured, this is not the same fragile NZ squad. They’re more talented and more focused than ever. Australia have been down since the ban on Smith and Warner but they’re regaining their lost form in recent series against Pakistan and India. Australia might be superior historically but if you look at the recent shape of both teams, you’ll find that they’re both equals.

WC Fixture:

The finalists of 2015 WC will take on one another later on in this year’s World Cup. The details are given below:

The pitch provides good swing for pace bowlers. Both teams met twice in the last WC, once in the group stages and then again in the final. The match in group stages was thrilling as it was a low scoring game full of drama and nail-biting moments. Trent Boult took 5 wickets but got an equal reply from Mitchell Starc who ended up bowling out 6 NZ batsmen. NZ came out victorious despite a hard-fought battle by Australia. Both teams eventually made their way to the final which was largely one sided. Australia won the tournament but the situation might be the opposite in this WC. Both teams just picked up major victories in recent bilateral series.


It’s difficult to say who will win in this match. Both teams are evenly match and currently they’ve both won respective bilateral series. Odds are 50-50 between both teams. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are scoring runs for NZ whereas Usman Khawaja and Aaron Finch have been providing Australia with a string of victories. Both teams have decent bowling line-ups. Nothing can be said right now about who will prevail but if this match will be anything like the Australia – New Zealand match in WC 2015 group stages, the audience are in for a splendid ride.

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