South Africa vs India, Match 8, Wednesday 5 June

India and South Africa have met on the field a number of times. Their ODI competitions began in 1988 and over the years, both teams have provided some quality cricket matches. South Africa, despite all their batting firepower and skilled bowling assets, have yet to win a World Cup. India, on the other hand, is in pursuit of their 3rd world title. Their fixture at the WC promises a healthy competition. The important question is will South Africa break the curse or will India triumph on the day?

Historical Data:

South Africa and India have encountered each other at multiple points during their friendly rivalry. They competed against one another 83 times in their glorious histories. India won 34 times while South Africa came out on top on 46 occasions. South Africa is more than ready to face any challenge India might put up against them. Likewise, India is fully capable of chasing down any target that South Africa might post for them. They’re both the teams for grand events. South Africa looks stronger than ever but that’s usually the scenario in every major ICC event. Their biggest problem is that they “choke” at crunch moments and all their hard work goes to waste. On the other hand, India manage to keep their composure. Numbers might be on the South African side but India is certainly the bigger fish when it comes to the main events. South Africa might be at their best right now but if they can’t perform on the big day then all their performances and experience count for nothing. South Africa must pick up early wickets and not allow India any room to settle and build a partnership. India will have to post a pretty decent total for South Africa to panic. They’ll each would have to play at their strengths.

Clash of the Titans:

South Africa – India match will take place on 5th June 2019 at the Hampshire Bowl, Southampton. This ground has hosted 22 ODI matches and has a balanced pitch for batting and bowling. Stats put South Africa ahead of India at the moment but India have certainly defeated them in multiple ICC fixtures. A lot would depend upon the pitch condition on the given day. South Africa have a good bowling line-up made even better with the inclusion of Dale Steyn. India might not be up to mark when it comes to bowlers but what they lack in bowling, they make up for it in batting. Toss won’t be such a huge factor in this contest. Whether India bat first or they chase a total, they’ll have a single mindset that they need to score as many runs as possible.

South Africa can work on numerous strategies on how they’ll go about this match but all these strategies will have one thing in common and that is to pick up those top three wickets. If South Africa succeed in this, the Indian house of card will fall.


India will definitely have the upper hand in this face off. Odds are 60-40 in favor of India. South Africa will have to resume their spectacular momentum in the WC otherwise their trip to England might be shorter than they expected.

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