South Africa vs West Indies, Match 15, Monday 10 June, ICC World Cup 2019

South Africa and West Indies have entertained cricket fans on several occasions. Who can forget their match in South Africa when AB de Villiers scored the fastest century in ODI history? Since CT 2017 there had been a lot of speculations that due to the poor form of WI, we might not get that same exciting contest that we once looked forward to. But with the WC season right around the corner, it seems that WI might not be such a pushover after all. It’ll be interesting to see whether SA break their WC curse or will WI finally get a shot at redemption.

ODI Performance:

When it comes to cricket, even a man with simple cricket knowledge would know that SA is the better side. However, I have won the WC twice, something that the SA side have been unable to achieve yet. You may perform consistently for 4 years but if you are unable to cash that performance in the WC, it all boils down to nothing. In their star studded histories, SA and WI clashed on multiple junctures explained below:

  • SA ODI Ranking: 4th
  • WI ODI Ranking: 9th
  • Head-to-Head in ODIs: 61
  • SA won: 44
  • WI won: 15
  • Tie / No Results: 1 / 1

You’d think that with such an impressive record, SA would’ve won a WC but they haven’t. The problem isn’t with their squad or strategy. They just choke at the grand stage for absolutely no reason. No team would ever choke on purpose but this has been going on for a long time now and SA need to find a way to overcome it. Meanwhile, WI have won several matches in which they were completely down and out. Resilience might be the only factor stopping SA from winning a title.

WC Contest:

SA will take on WI in the WC on the following date and venue:

  • Date: 10th June 2019
  • Venue: Hampshire Bowl, Southampton
  • Time: 2:30 PM Pakistan Time (D)

With the current performances in mind, SA have this thing won easily. WI are struggling in ODI cricket and they don’t the correct bowling line-up to match SA. SA, on the other hand, have strong batting options as well as a diverse bowling line-up. The only thing they need to worry about is not to choke in this event and give away wickets. Chris Gayle might’ve scored a lot against England but SA’s bowling is a lot more aggressive. WI have a long batting line-up but this hurts them in the long run as most of the bowlers are medium pacers.

SA needs to restrict WI at a low total and then chase it as quickly as possible in order to improve their net run rate. This will assist them when it comes to deciding the teams for semi-finals.


Looking at the current stats, SA have this contest won by a long shot. WI hasn’t been up to mark with their ODI batting and tend to play cricket that leans more towards T20 format. Odds are that SA will not only win this competition but decimate the opposition by a huge margin. SA look comfortable in this clash.

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