Sri Lanka vs South Africa, Match 39, Monday 1 July

South Africa vs. Sri Lanka might not be one of the most anticipated matches of WC but they’ve provided some memorable matches throughout their history. Who can forget their clash at Champions Trophy 2017 when everybody expected that SA would win but SL defied all odds and clawed their way to victory. Tables have definitely turned since that contest and SA look to be in control. Can SL defy the odds again this time? If SA choke this time like they have so many times before, SL just might clinch another victory.

ODI Record against one another:

SL have won the world title once so they’ve got a big event caliber. Both teams have been involved in some classic battles over the years. Their ODI records are shown below:

  • SA ODI Ranking: 4th
  • SL ODI Ranking: 8th
  • ODI Face offs: 76 Matches
  • SA won: 43
  • SL won: 31
  • Tie / No Results: 1 / 1

SA are the better side when it comes to number of wins. Recent ODI performances and rankings would argue the same. SA have won some major ODI series since CT 2017. On the contrary, SL’s form has hit rock bottom. Both teams went toe-to-toe just last month in all formats of the game. SL were able to clinch of a decisive victory in the test series but were absolutely crushed in the ODI and T20 series by SA. SA whitewashed them in both series and SL seemed to have no reply to SA’s offense. SL’s squad is not the problem. It’s their game plan that needs adjustment. They don’t have someone to come in the middle and stabilize the team. They give away easy wickets in bulk. They need some technical batsmen in the middle to propel their score above 300.

Event Match:

SA are set to take on SL in WC on the following date and venue:

  • Date: 28th June 2019
  • Venue: The Riverside Ground, Durham
  • Time: 2:30 PM Pakistan Time (D)

SA have defeated SL recently which will have a significant psychological impact on the Lankan lions. What SL need to do here is not to worry about the past and focus on the task at hand on the given day. SA are famous for choking at grand events so that will be in the back of the minds of Proteas players as well. Both teams have a baggage that they need to remove. WC will provide ample opportunity to both teams to redeem themselves. This match is almost at the end of tournament and this will be crucial stage. Each team will be feeling the pressure at this juncture.


Looking at the recent stats and squad comparison, SA are in strong position to emerge victorious at this contest. SL are struggling heavily at this point. They need some quality batsmen in middle order to prevent fall of wickets. SA restricted SL below 250 in all their recent matches and this score isn’t enough to put SA under pressure. SL need at least 300+ to create some panic in SA dressing room. If they can bat well, they’ve got the bowling power to defeat SA.

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