Sri Lanka vs West Indies, Match 39, Monday 1 July, ICC World Cup 2019

West Indies vs. Sri Lanka might not sound like an exciting match but when these teams are standing on the grandest stage, you can bet that they’ll fight tooth and nail to emerge victorious. Both teams have had a tough going in the recent past but it’s no time to think about the past. It’s time to focus on the future and future is the WC 2019. WI came back strongly at the start of this year and with a bit of luck they might surprise the world and be crowned the new champions. Standing in their way are the Lankan lions who’ll be looking to target a relatively weaker side.

ODI History:

Both teams have won the world title so we know that they have potential to do it again. Due to SL’s tendency to play more cricket with Asian teams, they’ve competed against WI in relatively small number of matches. Their full ODI history is given below:

  • SL ODI Ranking: 8th
  • WI ODI Ranking: 9th
  • Total number of ODI matches: 56
  • SL won: 25
  • WI won: 28
  • No Results: 3

They’re both pretty even when you analyze the stats as well as their recent ODI rankings. SL should be worried right now because of their consistent bad performances in ODI series. WI just had a sigh of relief when they levelled the series against England but this could also be due to the fact that England might’ve taken it easy on them just so none of their key players get injured before the WC. WI team can lose focus quite quickly and WC will definitely prove whether WI is really back or it was just another fluke.

Meeting at the WC:

It’ll be interesting to see how the events unfold when WI take on SL on the following date and venue:

SL haven’t been playing up to their full potential in recent years. It’s like they’re holding back. Fortune favors the bold so SL need to forget about their history since CT 2017 and focus on the task at hand. Meanwhile, WI have nothing to lose heading into the WC. They’ve already tasted the disappointment of not appearing in an ICC event. It’s evident from their performance against England that they won’t hold back. For SL, it would be ideal that WI don’t score too many runs. Then, with a bit of sensible batting, SL can cruise their way to victory. WI will be hoping for exactly the opposite and with Gayle back in the national side, WI might score a little too much for SL.

Win Prediction:

Although a huge success against England, WI still need to mature themselves as an ODI unit. Unnecessary risks are to be avoided. SL seem like a more set ODI side at the moment but their performances exhibit that they need someone who can keep his nerves calm at crunch moments. Odds are 55-45% in favor of SL but a little more effort from WI can turn the tables. Fans just hope that they’ll get to see a good cricketing contest and no side will go down easily.

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