Trent Bridge, Nottingham Cricket Ground

Trent Bridge is an international cricket ground located West Bridgford, Nottingham, England used mostly for international test, ODI and county cricket. Although available for all formats of the game, it has been utilized in T20I cricket on a limited scale. The ground also serves as the headquarters of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. The upcoming WC will feature Trent Bridge hosting ODI matches in the initial phase of the tournament. Even though this ground isn’t hosting the final matches of WC, it will provide international matches of WC final magnitude, something that the fans are looking forward to.

Historical Significance:

Despite of the fact that the ground was established in 1841, the venue hosted its first international test match in 1899. ODI cricket was introduced to the ground in 1974. The ground is claimed to be open for all formats of the game but it hasn’t been utilized much for T20 cricket as the last T20 match played here was in 2012. Fortunately, WC is an ODI tournament so stats related to T20 are immaterial. Throughout its glamorous history, the venue hosted a bulk of ODI matches which are given below:

  • Seating Capacity: 15000 Approx.
  • ODI Matches: 44
  • Matches won by team batting first: 18
  • Matches won by team batting second: 23
  • Tie / No Results: 2 / 1

Pitch and Weather Conditions:

Trent Bridge contains a dry and flat track which doesn’t allow much swing. Consequently, it will be harder for pace bowlers to get anything out of this pitch. They can only hope for some damage control. It’s a good batting track and the bowl comes nicely on the bat. The outfield is traditionally fast so that will certainly help the batting side even if they don’t middle the ball.

As for the weather conditions, it’s still early to predict what kind of weather to expect at this venue. The ground experiences light breeze so that might be the only thing helping seam bowlers. Overall, it’s safe to say that rain isn’t expected here. Dew factor is improbable so with a good batting surface like this, it’s better to chase down a score.

Scheduled Matches for World Cup:

Trent Bridge will host a total of 5 matches throughout the WC. These matches constitute the initial phase of WC and their details are given below:

  1. Pakistan vs. West Indies (31st May)
  2. Pakistan vs. England (3rd June)
  3. Australia vs. West Indies (6th June)
  4. New Zealand vs. India (13th June)
  5. Australia vs. Bangladesh (20th June)

Australia, Pakistan and WI are all scheduled to play 2 matches each on this venue. Given the conditions of the pitch, this venue will be ideal for WI because their batting line-up is back on track and performing better than ever. With no seam in the wicket, there’s not much resistance for WI. Seamless track is a major problem for Pakistan. They rely heavily on their bowling to provide them early breakthroughs. Their batting is not as strong as some top tier teams so Trent Bridge will be a major headache for Pakistan heading into the WC. For a well-balanced Australian side, this track won’t be a problem because they’ve got a strong batting line-up and an equally impressive bowling side. The most interesting match at this venue will be NZ taking on India because they’re two of the top 3 ODI teams. India will appreciate a batting track that compliments their natural batting strength. But NZ have a more matured bowling line-up so they won’t allow Indian batsmen to score so easily.

Closing Remarks:

Trent Bridge might not be hosting the final but it’ll be interesting to see how Australia performs in this tournament. Australia were down and out in the past year but this year, they’re showing signs of revival. Pakistan have a dismal performance since the Asia Cup and with a batting wicket like this, they’ll have to come up with new ways to pick up wickets. India and NZ are scheduled for an epic clash. WI are back on track and hungrier than ever for another title win. Their recent ODI series against England have put them in the spotlight and many are wondering whether they might come back strongly to win it all. Whatever the results may be, cricket fans want all teams to fight tooth-and-nail to last ball.

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