West Indies vs Bangladesh, Match 23, Monday 17 June, ICC World Cup 2019

West Indies vs. Bangladesh will be one of the most dreary and uninteresting match of this tournament because there are not a lot of expectations from them. Although equally matched teams, the contest seems bleak and the crowd will just be hoping to get through it so they can look forward to more challenging rivals facing one another. However monotonous the clash seems, it is still a part of WC and each match will determine the course of this event. Who knows? Maybe one of these teams might surprise the world and snatch the title from the hands of much stronger teams.

ODI Battles over the Years:

Bangladesh confronted West Indies on several occasions. Their detailed ODI history is given below:

  • Bangladesh ODI Ranking: 7th
  • WI ODI Ranking: 9th
  • ODI Bouts: 34 Matches
  • WI won: 21
  • Bangladesh won: 11
  • No Result: 2

Stats exhibit that WI have the upper hand when it comes to ODI cricket. This may not be the case recently. Bangladesh have been performing well as compared to WI. Bangladesh is the biggest reason WI were unable to play Champions Trophy 2017 which was the first time they didn’t compete in an international ICC event. You can bet that WI are seeking redemption and they’ll get their chance when they take on Bangladesh in WC. WI will be entering the tournament on a high note as they recently tied a 5-match ODI series against England despite being down and out in the beginning. Bangladesh, however, are off to a bad start heading towards the WC. They suffered a massive defeat at the hands of New Zealand. It’s uncertain how much their confidence has shaken after this series. They’ve got to put the past behind if they want to win in this tournament.

Match on the Grandest Stage:

WI will be hoping to recover from the embarrassment of not playing in the last ICC event as they take on Bangladesh in WC on the following date and venue:

No clear cut winners when it comes to this event. WI went through a rough patch in recent years and they had to qualify to earn a spot for this WC. They’re back now and look focused. Chris Gayle shocked the world in series against England when he scored two marvelous centuries and became the highest run scorer in the series. Meanwhile, Bangladesh have competed fiercely since CT 2017 and onwards and they’re performance in Asia Cup 2018 is testament to the fact that they could very well upset any big name on the given day. Situation will be clearer once both sides compete on the designated day.

Match Outcome:

It’s tough to say who will be victorious. Both sides are equally ready and they’ll be looking to decimate one another. Bangladesh were defeated recently but one ODI series defeat does not rule them out of this contest. Meanwhile, WI have performed amazingly against England but it’s still early to say that they’re back in form. It is 50-50 in favor of both teams and whoever performs better will claim the day.

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