West Indies vs New Zealand, Match 29, Saturday 22 June, ICC World Cup 2019

In modern day cricket, no two sides have a more contrasting game plan than New Zealand and West Indies. While NZ look to work the ball for strike rotation and seek out gaps, WI believe in a more explosive approach and go berserk at every ball they face. In a sense, NZ is a more ODI oriented team whereas WI lean more towards T20I cricket. Although this strategy might provide the crowd with exquisite boundaries, it might not be so useful for WI in the long run. If NZ bowl out WI quickly, their huge shots may amount to nothing.

ODI Record:

Say what you want to say but WI are ahead of NZ when it comes to WC victories. WI have won the world title twice while NZ is still struggling for their first. Their ODI clashes stats are given below:

  • NZ ODI Ranking: 3rd
  • WI ODI Ranking: 9th
  • Head-to-Head in ODIs: 64
  • NZ won: 27
  • WI won: 30
  • No Results: 7

The above stats explain that both sides are neck-and-neck when it comes to ODI cricket. The tables have turned in recent years when NZ have slowly climbed up their way to the No. 3 spot while WI were unable to qualify to play at the Champions Trophy 2017. Although NZ have the upper hand right now, it won’t be a walk in the park for them when they go up against WI in the World Cup. WI recently showed a strong performance against England. Chris Gayle is back to the national side and he is hungry for runs. All WI need is someone who can build up long partnerships and they’ll perform well throughout the event.

WC Trial:

When WI plays an ODI match, you can expect boundaries all around the stadium. They’ll be looking to entertain the crowd when they go up against at NZ at the following WC fixture:

At this moment, it’s clear enough that NZ is the more matured ODI side. They’ve been playing cricket against top ranked nation while WI had to play against minnow teams in order to qualify for this WC. NZ will be looking to pick up early wickets in this contest and they have all the chance to get them because of the tendency of WI batsmen to go after every ball. What WI need to realize here is that slow and steady wins the race. They might score quickly in initial overs but they’ll lose a lot of wickets and target set by them won’t be enough. They need to take a deep breath and just play all 50 overs to get a decent total. NZ will make sure that WI don’t get a chance to bat the entire innings.

Match Outcome:

Seeing as how WI have struggled in recent years in ODIs, it’s pretty likely they’ll lose this contest. NZ have this won by a long shot. Odds favor NZ to come out victorious in this duel. If WI hope to win, they’ll have to play some extraordinary cricket.

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